Boots was born 12-5-2011.  The photo to the left was taken at 8 weeks old. 


Boots is PRA and PFK normal.  She passed her CERF eye exam in 2012 and 2013.  Hips graded Excellent


Candice (AKA) Candy- picture taken on 6-16-2012 at 5 weeks old.  Candy is PRA/PFK normal and passed her CERF/OFA eye exam in 2013/2013/2014. 
Rising Star of Downs Lake (AKA Star) of Downs Lake Kennel, Spokane, Washington- Boots Mother
Madeline of Downs Lake Kennel, Spokane, Washington- Mother to Candy and sister to Star

Rascal Tyler of McCormick (AKA Stone) of Downs Lake Kennel Spokane, Washington- Boots Father


Dapper Duncan of Downs Lake from Downs Lake Kennel in Spokane, Washington- Candy's Father



Duncan has show championship breeding on his mother and father's previous lines.

Chloe of Downs Lake Kennel, Spokane, Washington- Star and Madeline's Mother, Boots and Candy's Grandmother

Star and Madeline's Father, and Grandfather to Boots and Candy


A tri-black Springer

Tracker's Elizabeth (AKA Lizzie) of Downs Lake Kennel-Chloe's Mother, Star and Madeline's Grandmother, and Boots and Candy's Great-Grandmother


Lizzie was Hip Certified with the Orthopedic Foundation of Animals as Good. She was eye certified each year and PFK tested. 

Harrington's Prince Biscuit is Chloe's Father, Madeline and Star's GrandFather, and Great Grandfather to Boots and Candy.



Katy Rainy Bandit is Lizzie's Mother, Chloe's Grandmother, Madeline and Star's Great Grandmother, and  Great-Great Grandmother to Boots and Candy.


Tracker's Charlie My Boy-Father to Lizzie, Grandfather to Chloe, Great Grandfather to Madeline and Star, and Great Great Grandfather to Boots and Candy.